1.How to become our member, members do?


Preferred click on "register new members," according to the page prompted to fill in information, please be sure to fill out a complete company information, we will receive the e-mail one day after the audit, as well as give you open membership functions.

Members can access all of our product information, non-members, can only see limited product information.


Members can visit the shopping cart batch inquiry, as well as access to historical inquiry and handling of a single state.


Members also have their own favorites, you can collection you are interested in information on the product.


We regularly send to the members of the latest and most selling product information to you so that you can learn the first time the latest market trends.

2.How do I find product information?

•You can open our website:, on the home page there are all of our products are categorized directory, you can access various types of product information, the upper part of a line on the home page, "Please enter a product number or product name ..", you can Enter your keywords to find the product, for example, you want to find doll-related products, you can enter "The Doll" Click the submit button, the page will automatically jump to contain "The Doll" products page, you can easily select products to enter.


•When you click on the appropriate category, the page will give you retrieve a list of products in the category for your choice. When you can not find the product you need, you can also through our online customer service, contact the relevant customer service that we can better serve you.


3.If you get in touch with our company?

You can click on the main page section "Contact us" page for you to list all our contact details, you can get in touch with us.